NAFA-logoThe New Jersey Fur Harvesters is a shipping agent for the North American Fur Auctions.  This is just another good way for trappers and hunters to sell their furs instead of selling to a local fur buyer or through a state association auction.

Each Spring we hold our annual Spring meeting and fur drop off, normally at the Assunpink WMA in Robbinsville, NJ near the NJF&W Central Region Office.  We make it easy for the trappers/shippers who only need to bring their fur to the drop off where we bag the fur, tag the bag with the shipper’s name and address and record the count and type of fur that is in the bag.  It doesn’t cost the trapper anything and the fur will then be delivered to a NAFA agent.  The fur will be auctioned in Canada at the end of May and the beginning of June.  Just go to the NAFA website ( and click on “wild fur”) for all the details.  Shippers in the past have been very satisfied with their results.

If you come to the fur drop off, the NJFH normally has free lunch for all its members.  So feel free to join the NJFH, have a free lunch and stay for the meeting!